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Club Talk



Inspiration is essential in developing a company.  Through the many peaks and valleys that entrepreneurship is sure to provide, it's important to surround yourself with beautiful images, people and ideas that inspire you.  

Over the recent years of creating this line and company there have been a few people and images that have continued to bring out the best in me. I want to share a few of those with you.



Ralph Lauren

(Photo by Bruce Weber)

Because at the heart and soul of every true American prep is Ralph. Because he can basically do no wrong and because his designs are timeless. Think about it - if you’re reading this I’m sure you have multiple Ralph Lauren Polo pieces hanging in your closet. And I’m sure they could be anywhere from 5,10 to 15 even 20 years old and you’re still wearing them! He has veered away from trend setting and has given us immortal (as long as the fabric quality holds) pieces to last a lifetime.
When developing my line I told myself that it was imperative to design pieces that will withstand the trend test – pieces that will be staples for years to come. No one does that better than Mr. Ralph Lauren.


Carolina Herrera

Much like Ralph Lauren, Carolina has inspired me with elegant, classic and accessible pieces over decades of designing. Her signature white tailored shirt paired with any number of materials and styles is why I am (and you too probably) the owner of no less than a dozen classic white tailored shirts. Her flattering silhouettes and First-Lady-worthy gowns should leave all of us thankful to Mrs. Herrera for blessing us with her talents. She is truly an inspiration.


If you are a preppy, New-England-loving, classic All–American dresser and you are on social media you’ll need no introduction to Sarah Vickers and her designer husband Kiel James Patrick. Take a look at their instagram and you’ll be transported into another world –a world where the hydrangeas are continually blooming and your dog is always in the perfect pose and your Starbucks iced-coffee is always filled. It’s a beautiful life and these two pull it off better than anyone. What started as nautical-themed bracelets is now a New England empire with their first retail store opening earlier this year.   While these two are inspiring to anyone, not just designers, one image on Sarah’s blog “Classy Girls Wear Pearls” was the sole inspirational piece of my entire summer line. The pleated skirts represented above caught my eye and at that moment I knew that my initial launch was going to be focused on bringing an elegant, pleated skirt back to the game of golf.
Follow her blog here:
Find their store here:


This image in particular has been an inspiring piece to me through my development process. While our culture has changed over the years and our every day norms have become significantly less formal (i.e. men no longer wear suit and ties to baseball games) it has remained my goal to bring back a forgotten level of elegance to the game of golf. We’ll never go back to the ankle-length skirts of the 20’s and 30’s, but there is so something so feminine and romantic to these pieces that it is hard to deny their beauty.



 (aka The New Generation of Pro-Golfers)
Rickie Folwer and Justin Thomas


Well, not the Spring Break Boys specifically, but what the Spring Break Boys (and others) have done for the game of golf in the past few years. Do you know that the top 10 golfers on the PGA tour right now are young 30’s or under? Whether intentional or not, this “rebranding” of golf is so fun to watch and to be a part of. These golfers on the tour represent fierce competitiveness but also strong camaraderie. Whether older or younger today’s tour headliners are giving us a wonderful example of why golf is so great. It’s truly a gentleman’s sport and these guys on tour are doing an incredible job of representing the game.  It's an exiting time to a be a part of golf!


Tom and Wilson

Lastly, and certainly not least, I have gotten so much inspiration from my two boys – my husband Tom and my 160 lb. puppy Wilson. I am never alone and if I am down I am quickly encouraged. Their positive outlook on life (yes, both of theirs) is contagious and inspiring. Through them I am encouraged to not only be a better business owner/designer/golfer but also a better contributor to society, a better wife and better dog-momma.

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Inspiring Women Part II Featuring Sue Fuller of Oliver Thomas

Inspiring Women Part II Featuring Sue Fuller of Oliver Thomas

I first met Sue Fuller when I was walking around the PGA showroom floor earlier this year. She was bright, enthusiastic, passionate and about as obsessed with her dog as I am. I was instantly drawn to her and her company. Her bags have filled a void we didn't even know we had! She and her co-founder Oliver have done an unbelievable job building their brand. In under 2 years, their bags are seen just about everywhere - from being featured in Time Magazine, Forbes, Today to recently inking a deal with Peloton. This boss babe easily lands a spot as one of the most "Inspiring Women" I've met and I'm honored for the time I was able to get with her (and Oliver) for this interview. 

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Inspiring Women Part 1 Featuring Town's End Outfitters

Inspiring Women Part 1 Featuring Town's End Outfitters

Inspiring women surround us everywhere! They are every shape and size in every industry in every city around the world. In an effort to bring their stories to life, we have launched a new monthly newsletter called "Inspiring Women". Each month we will share stories of grit, determination and the beauty of success. Start this journey with us today as we learn more about the stunning and creative ladies behind Town's End Outfitters- Brittany Lloyd and Carolyn Likas!

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A Tartan Lovers Gift Guide

A Tartan Lovers Gift Guide

It's no secret we are tartan lover's here at Course & Club - just check out our Pinterest board "Tartan Forever". This traditional print has been a classic for centuries and is seen in basically every apparel and consumer good product on the planet! This time of year it is especially on trend.  Here's a few of our tartan favorites this holiday season (with most of them being on sale today!)

1.) J. Crew’s Slim Stretch Perfect Shirt in Stewart Tartan - $79.50

2.) Tuckernuck’s Noelle Plaid Dress - $198.00

3.) Talbots Tartan Plaid Cape - $199.00

4.) Ralph Lauren Alexander Dinnerware Collection - 45.00-$95.00

5.) Pendleton’s Plaid 5th Avenue Throw - $179.00

6.) Royal Stewart Tartan Heels $175.00

7.) KJP's Merry Little Christmas Dress - $128.00

8.) Williams Sonoma’s Plaid Pillows $59-$159

9.) Mark & Graham's Plaid Patterned Lucite Tray - $99

10.) Draper James Plaid Crossbody - $98.00

11.) Course & Club's Plaid Skort - $120.00

12.) Nordstrom’s Lingerie Starlight Flannel Pajamas $59.00


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Favorite Fall Outfits

Favorite Fall Outfits

Fall is in the air! some parts of the country at least...And with the change of the season comes some of the best things in life. Cooler temps, nature's vibrant colors, pumpkin spice lattes.. and most importantly, fall golf!

In reflecting on these things, we were inspired to put together some of our favorite fall looks to ensure that you are the best dressed on the course - even if you don't put up the best scores!

Here are our top picks for fall golf outfits:

Course & club plaid golf skort Ralph Lauren Birdie sweater

Course & Club's Fall Plaid Skirt - Available Here - $120

Ralph Lauren's Birdie Cashmere Sweater - Available Here - $298

KJP Striped Sweater and Course & Club Navy Pleated Skort

Course & Club's Navy Pleated Skirt - Available Here - $130

Kiel James Patrick's Stripes Du cap Ferrat Sweater - Available Here - $128

Course & Club's khaki golf skort Ralph Lauren striped top

Course & Club's Prime Pencil Skirt in Khaki - Available Here - $100

Ralph Lauren Golf's Striped Jersey Pullover - Available Here - $145

Keil James Patrick Yacht Sweater Course & Club White pleated golf skort

Course & Club's White Pleated Golf Skirt - Available Here - $130

 Kiel James Patrick's American Yacht Club Sweater - Available Here - $128

Puma Evoknit Sweater Course & Club's Navy Golf Skort

Course & Club's Prime Pencil Skirt in Navy - Available Here - $100

Puma's Evoknit Sweater - Available Here - $39.97

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Giving Back

Giving Back

When you're starting a company there are many things you have to think about - your product, branding, operational logistics, cash flow, long and short terms goals - these and many others are just the basics.  But you also have to think about a couple of others that often go under the radar - your core values and your mission.  These represent who you are and what your company is about - what you stand for!  Everything you do in the course of operating your business must point back to your core values.

For Course & Club, our core values are:

  • Classic Design
  • Delighting Our Customers
  • Giving Back

Today I want to talk about why GIVING BACK is a core value of Course & Club.

I've heard it said that if you're ever in a funk, the best way to get out of it is to go out and do something for someone else.  It's true- doing something nice for someone else will definitely make you feel better.  But it goes beyond that - it has the potential to change someone's life.  It takes the focus off "ME" and puts it on "YOU".  Don't you agree that our world would be a better place if we all thought about ourselves and our agendas a little less, and thought about serving others a little more?

Maybe it's taking a meal to a friend who just had surgery, or paying for the person behind you in line at Starbucks.  It could be giving your time at your church, or a shelter, or at your children's school. Or it could be something as simple as picking up a piece of trash or handing a dollar to that woman standing on the corner with a sign in her hands.  Something you may think is small or inconsequential could be just what someone needs to see, hear or receive.

Just last week, my husband and I were grabbing an ice cream cone at our favorite local ice cream shop and the teenage boy in front of us in line paid for our cones. We couldn't believe it!  We were blown away by the boys' random act of kindness and I made it a point to do something similar for someone that I didn't know the next day.  Giving back or paying it forward is a great way to make another persons day!

At Course & Club, we've chosen to give our time, talents and financial support to a few organizations because we value their mission and the work they are doing to change lives!

First, we support Eagle Mount.  Eagle Mount is a non-profit organization based in Bozeman, MT.  Their mission is to provide therapeutic recreation for children and adults with disabilities and cancer so that they may "rise up on wings like eagles" (Is 40:31) - and they do a great job at it!  We've spent many hours in the pool or on the slopes with these precious participants and it is life changing to be a part of this organization!

Eagle Mount

Second, we support The Miracle League. Upon relocating to the Dallas area, we quickly sought out an organization that we could jump into and get involved in.  The Miracle League removes the barriers that keep children with mental and physical disabilities off the field and helps them experience the joys of America's greatest pastime - baseball!  Getting to work with these children and seeing the joy on their faces when they score a homerun or run the bases is such a gift. Miracle Leagues are all over the US and they are always looking for buddies!

Lastly, we support Els for Autism.  While we've never been able to volunteer with this organization, we support them by sending a portion of our sales because we value the work they do.  Professional golfer, Ernie Els and his wife started this organization out of a need they experienced within their own family. This world-class organization hosts leading edge programs and services for families and caregivers who are impacted by Autism.  If you want to see something inspiring - check out the video below video featuring Joshua Deer.

There are so many worthy causes and organizations to get involved in.  These are the ones that we as a company are supporting and want to make a difference in.  Whatever it is that your heart is drawn to, we encourage you to get out and be a part of it!  There are so many ways - big and small - that we can make a difference in this world! 

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